Bulls for sale


2 x 21 month bulls by Burcotewood Fantastic


well grown and ready for work


6 x 10 month bulls:

1 by Lodge Hamlet

1 by Burcotewood Jericho

4 by Burcotewood Fantastic

for further information and photos please phone Richard on 07801860980 




2016 born by Burcotewood Fantastic

Burcotewood Magnificent

Burcotewood Marquis 

Burcotewood Majestic SOLD

For further information please phone Richard on 07801860980


Stock Bulls

Burcotewood Fantastic sold

Burcotewood Jericho sold


Burcotewood Jeronimo sold

Burcotewood Jon  sold

Burcotewood Jamie sold

Quiet and happy bulls.  Not had a halter on yet but groomed and easy to move about and in to the crush.

Burcotewood Grandeur

By Wilodge Vantastic x Grange Arabique

Proven bull has been used a sweeper bull and calves can be seen

date of birth: 11/1/11  SOLD

Burcotewood Impressive

By Burcotewood Fantastic (Wilodge Vantastic x Sarkley Annie) out of Grange Anntirhinum (Serge x Grange Saxifrage)

date of birth: 23/03/2013 sold at Newark 11 4 15

Burcotewood Indestructable

By Burcotewood Grandeur ( Wilodge Vantastic x Grange Arabique) out of Burcotewood Grannie (Millington Dragon x Sarkley Annie)

date of birth: 23/04/13 sold at Newark 11 4 15

For further information please phone Richard on 07801860980