Last 3 Bulls now for sale please see Stock for Sale




 Burcotewood Jericho by Ronick Hawk

Burcotewood Limousin

Bred for docility, growth rate and shape.


Burcotewood Jericho

 homebred stock bull - sold



Ronick Hawk x Burcotewood Delightful

Easy calving, with growth and shape, 


one son for sale

Burcotewood Fantastic - sold

Wilodge Vantastic x Sarkley Annie

We  have 3 sons who are 24 months old for sale now.



The first heifers were purchased from the Grange herd in 2006 and the Sarkley herd sale at Carlisle in 2007.  AI was used for first few years. Our first stock bull, Millington Dragon by Soleil was purchased as calf with his mother, Millington Tarragon, from Newark Limousin sale in 2008.  


AI still used to produce future stock bulls. The 2014 crop of calves includes Burcotewood Jericho by Ronick Hawk out of Burcotewood Delightful who should cross well with the Wilodge Vantastic grand daughters.


2015 has produced some cracking heifer and bull calves - growth rate has been excellent with good length and conformation.  


2016 Our 2013 heifers were AI'd to Lodge Hamlet in January so we  have 8 to calve in November for the first time.  They were syncronised so calving pattern should be tight.  Produced very showy calves with excellent growth rates.


2017 We calved the heifers at 2 years old this year using Burcotewood Jericho. The Ronick Hawk/Wilodge Vantastic crossing has worked well.  Sadly we sold Jericho all the cows and calves in 2017 as a complete herd with the exception of 6 bull calves and 3 yearling bulls.


2018 Sold the 3 older bulls this year. So we only have left the 6 young bulls who are growing well.


2019 Put the bulls up for sale - 3 currently sold (8/4/19)